An end-to-end search and analytics platform. Infinitely versatile.

The Elasticsearch ELK Stack

By combining the massively popular Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana we have created an end-to-end stack that delivers actionable insights in real-time from almost any type of structured and unstructured data source. Built and supported by the engineers behind each of these open source products, the Elasticsearch ELK stack makes searching and analyzing data easier than ever before.

Used as a stand-alone application to provide strategic business insights or integrate with your existing applications to power their interactions with incoming data. Thousands of organizations worldwide use the Elasticsearch ELK stack for an endless variety of business critical functions.


Secure and Encrypt Your Elasticsearch Data

Shield makes it easy for anyone to add enterprise-grade security to their ELK stack.

Shield features:

  • Role-based access control
  • Authentication system support
  • Encrypted communication
  • Audit logging
  • IP filtering

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Search, analyze in real-time.

Elasticsearch is a flexible and powerful open source, distributed, real-time search and analytics engine. Architected from the ground up for use in distributed environments where reliability and scalability are must haves, Elasticsearch gives you the ability to move easily beyond simple full-text search. Through its robust set of APIs and query DSLs, plus clients for the most popular programming languages, Elasticsearch delivers on the near limitless promises of search technology. Learn More


Scrub, parse, and enrich.
Like soap for your data.

Logstash helps you take logs and other time based event data from any system and store it in a single place for additional transformation and processing. Logstash will scrub your logs and parse all data sources into an easy to read JSON format. The most popular open source logging solution in the market today, Logstash lets users get up and running in just minutes. Learn More


Line graphs, pie charts…
Yeah we got that.

Kibana is Elasticsearch’s data visualization engine, allowing you to natively interact with all your data in Elasticsearch via custom dashboards. Kibana’s dynamic dashboard panels are savable, shareable and exportable, displaying changes to queries into Elasticsearch in real-time. You can perform data analysis in Kibana’s beautiful user interface using pre-designed dashboards or update these dashboards in real-time for on-the-fly data analysis. Learn More


Manage and Monitor Your Elasticsearch Deployment

Want to get full transparency into the state of your deployment and manage your clusters towards optimal health? Elasticsearch Marvel instantly provides much-needed visibility into a deployment, both in real time and historically, making it simple to understand the root cause of any issue with your Elasticsearch clusters. Free during development. Learn More

ELK Resources

You may also find these resources useful as you experiment with ELK

  1. Webinars

    Deep introductions to a variety of ELK topics from the same engineers who wrote the code

  2. Blog

    Up to the minute news on releases, feature deep dives and user stories from throughout the ELK ecosystem

  3. Developer Documentation

    Documentation on all aspects of Elasticsearch, ‘living’ with the code and consistently updated along with each commit

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