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distributed restful search and analytics


Elasticsearch can also be installed from our repositories using apt or yum. See Repositories in the Guide.


  1. 1

    Download and unzip the latest Elasticsearch distribution

  2. 2

    Run bin/elasticsearch on Unix,
    or bin/elasticsearch.bat on Windows

  3. 3

    Run curl -X GET http://localhost:9200/


  • Allocation:
    • Speed-up disk-threshold decider #8803 (issue: #6372)
  • Core:
    • Don’t acquire Engine’s readLock in segmentsStats #8910
  • Discovery:
    • concurrent node failures can cause unneeded cluster state publishing #8933 (issue: #8804)
    • don’t wait joinThread when stopping #8359 (issue: #8327)
  • Logging:
    • Add segment size to index.merge.scheduler logging [ISSUE] #8853
  • Snapshot/Restore:
    • Override write(byte[] b, int off, int len) in FilterOutputStream for better performance #8749 (issue: #8748)

Bug fixes

  • Aggregations:
    • Fail with a parse exception if top_hits agg is defined under a nested agg. #8673 (issue: #8668)
  • Core:
    • Don’t forcefully release IW lock (this can cause corruption) #8892 (issue: #8588)
    • Hard wire utf-8 encoding, so unicode filenames work #8847
  • Geo:
    • Fix for NPE enclosed in SearchParseException for a “geo_shape” filter or query #8785 (issue: #8432)
  • Internal:
    • extend refresh-mapping logic to the _default_ type #8413 (issue: #4760)
  • Scripting:
    • ScriptService can deadlock entire nodes if script index is recovering #8901
  • Settings:
    • Fix cluster.routing.allocation.disk.include_relocations setting #8813
  • Translog:
    • Never delete translog file from a snapshot #8917


manage events and logs

logstash core download

logstash contrib download

These downloads include plug-ins contributed by the community and not supported by Elasticsearch.


  1. 1

    Download and unzip the latest Logstash release

  2. 2

    Prepare a logstash.conf config file

  3. 3

    Run bin/logstash agent -f logstash.conf


seamless integration with other technologies




  1. 1

    Download and unzip the latest Kibana release

  2. 2
    • Extract your archive
    • Open config.js in an editor
    • Set the elasticsearch parameter to the fully qualified hostname of your Elasticsearch server*
    • Copy the contents of the extracted directory to your webserver
  3. 3
    • Point your browser at your shiny new installation
    • Read the helpful getting started guide with which you are presented.

NOTE: Kibana 3 talks directly to Elasticsearch from the browser. This means that your browser communicates directly with Elasticsearch, not via an intermediary. You may wish to configure a reverse proxy to restrict access to Elasticsearch.

This is a minor maintenance release to improve troubleshooting with Elasticsearch 1.4.0. While an upgrade is not required it may help in diagnosing connection failed issues related to the CORS changes made in the Elasticsearch 1.4.0