manage events and logs

Elasticsearch works seamlessly with Logstash to collect, parse, index, and search logs

  • centralize logs of all types
  • explore and visualize the data with Kibana
  • quickly determine the root cause of problems
  • easily extend to custom log formats

Need Support? Don't forget that we've got your back.

Centralize Log Data

Logstash helps you take logs and other event data from your systems and store them in a central place.


Get documentation for Logstash support. If that isn’t sufficient, you can email the mailing list ( Further, there is also an IRC channel: #logstash on


Elasticsearch offers support for Logstash as part of our development and production support offerings. For more information, visit our support page.

The Logstash Getting Started Guide

Try the getting started guide for a simple, real-world example of getting started.

sounds cool doesn’t it?

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