An Introduction to the ELK stack

By combining the massively popular Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana, Elasticsearch Inc has created an end-to-end stack that delivers actionable insights in real-time from almost any type of structured and unstructured data source. Built and supported by the engineers behind each of these open source products, the Elasticsearch ELK stack makes sea... watch now

(Elastic) Searching for Big Data

At the 6/30 DC UG meet up, Brian Dolbeare and Satish Kolli presented their US government use case. Brian and Satish highlighted many aspects of their Elasticsearch experience, but specifically focused on how they used Elasticsearch Hadoop plugins to ingest billions of documents and how the Snapshot and Restore feature was critical to their project.... watch now

Elasticsearch & Sports195 – Searching with Scala

From the most recent NYC Elasticsearch Meet Up group get together hosted at ThoughtWorks, Karen Sun and team from Sports195 discussed their usage of Elasticsearch. Their presentation delves deep into their internal Scala Elasticsearch library which wraps the Java API making it more ’scala-like’ with mixing, com posable queries and type safety. ... watch now

Improving Elasticsearch Resiliency

As Elasticsearch clusters grow larger, their resilience to hardware and network failure becomes increasingly important. We’ll discuss ongoing efforts to improve Elasticsearch with respect to robustness and resiliency in the face of hardware and software failures. The talk will cover what has been done so far and what the Elasticsearch team is... watch now

Moloch – How Elasticsearch is powering network forensics at AOL

Watch as Andy Wick & Eoin Miller describe how they are utilizing Elasticsearch to power Moloch – AOL’s open source, scalable IPv4 packet capturing (PCAP) indexing and database system. With the help of Elasticsearch software, Moloch provides a simple web GUI for browsing, searching, viewing and exporting PCAP data. The web API’s a... watch now

The ELK Stack in a DevOps Environment

If you’re working in a DevOps shop, focus on business metrics is key. However, you want to derive those metrics and the data to support your meeting those key performance indicators using tools that support effective collaboration with a minimum of misery. Enter the Elasticsearch ELK stack: Elasticsearch for deep search and data analytics Logstas... watch now

Elasticsearch at Brewster

Listen and learn as Brewster Engineer Clay Whetung brings us the story of how Brewster is using Elasticsearch. From the April 24, 2014 NYC Meet Up... watch now

ELK in the Wild: Bloomberg

Hear from representatives at Bloomberg on how they have deployed the entire ELK stack. From the March 20, 2014 Elasticsearch MeetUp in New York City... watch now

Elasticsearch & LivingSocial – Elasticsearch for ecommerce applications

Presentation from LivingSocial’s Jonathan Phillips – from the April DC Elasticsearch Meetup User Group meet-up – showcasing how their application team utilizes Elasticsearch to solve the challenges of data decentralization, defining collections and e-commerce priority. Mr. Phillips delves deep into LivingSocial’s reason for adopting... watch now

Kibana: Data Visualization Made Simple and Beautiful

Kibana, the data visualization engine of the ELK stack, allows you to natively interact with all your data in Elasticsearch via custom dashboards. In this webinar, Rashid Khan will demonstrate how to use Kibana to make sense of your data, including a walk through of creating real-time dashboards & sharing them with other users in ... watch now

Kibana with Logstash

A video showing how once you have installed Logstash and have events being shipped into Elasticsearch how you can use Kibana to query and visualize them... watch now

Elasticsearch NYC Meetup March 2014

In this video, you will hear from engineers at Shopwiki about how they use Elasticsearch to power their e-commerce site. You will also hear from engineers at Bloomberg who gave this talk: "Using Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana technologies for centralizing viewing of log files in Bloomberg" including discussions of their Bloomberg-specific log ... watch now

Shopwiki using Elasticsearch for

Shopwiki will discuss how Elasticsearch powers search on and including query types like: Multi-Match, N-gram, and “more like this” and the ability to do real-time index updates. Also hear about how they overcame some challenges with search... watch now