Kibana with Logstash

A video showing how once you have installed Logstash and have events being shipped into Elasticsearch how you can use Kibana to query and visualize them... watch now

Elasticsearch NYC Meetup March 2014

In this video, you will hear from engineers at Shopwiki about how they use Elasticsearch to power their e-commerce site. You will also hear from engineers at Bloomberg who gave thi... watch now

Introducing Elasticsearch Marvel

A couple of weeks ago we launched Elasticsearch Marvel, a management & monitoring platform for Elasticsearch clusters. Built based on years of experience of helping people with... watch now

How Netflix is using Elasticsearch

Danny Yuan, Distributed System Architect at Netflix, and his colleagues, Jae Bae and Sudhir Tonse, present on Netflix's use of Elasticsearch. at the January 2014 Silicon Valley Mee... watch now

Introduction to Logstash

During this webinar, Aaron Mildenstein, a developer at Elasticsearch, will share a brief presentation as an introduction to Logstash, and then show a live demo. The demo portion w... watch now

Introducing Query DSL

Learn the difference between filters and queries and when to use each. Then learn how to execute full text searches, including boolean queries, queries against multiple fields at o... watch now